I always feel comfortable with Mr Biswas at my appointments and the surroundings of the hospital. My doctor is very nice and caring. The service I receive is always at its best.

Ellencia, aged 9

“Professional, friendly & approachable. Very thorough and skillful”

“The improvement in my sight was life changing. I no longer need glasses for day to day activity”

“Speedy treatment and amazing results”

John, adult cataract patient

“Mr Biswas was extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly & approachable at all times”

“Mr Biswas always put our minds at ease. He was always very understanding and treated our son’s eyes very well. He was always available to see. Appointments were easy to make”

“The service we received was outstanding and we are indebted to Mr Biswas for making our son’s eyes better during a stressful time. We would always come back to see Mr Biswas again and we would recommend him to others. He is an outstanding and caring surgeon.”

Parent of a 10 year patient

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"Speedy treatment and amazing results"
John, adult cataract patient

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